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Query DSL

Dogs odm provides a simple query dsl to filter repositories in a basic way. The syntax is similar to the one used by mongo_dart. The following example shows how to use the query dsl:

import 'package:dogs_odm/query_dsl.dart';

// ...

void main() {
  var result = repository.findAllByQuery(
    eq('name', 'John') & gt('age', 42),

The following table shows all available query operators:

Operator Description
eq Equal to a value or struct
ne Inverted equals
gt Greater than
gte Greater than or equal to
lt Less than
lte Less than or equal to
inArray Equal to one of the values
notInArray Equal to none of the values
exists The field exists
arrayContains Array contains a value
and or & Logical And
or or | Logical Or

Field Paths

To access deeper sub documents you can join field names with a dot.

"person.address.street" -> document['person']['address']['street']


The support for logical operators may be limited depending on the database you are using. Complex nested queries may not be supported by all databases, in this case you should use the native query syntax of your database.

The syntax of the dsl is already limited to the most common features of document databases, to be as database agnostic as possible.