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Getting Started

To get started, add the dogs_built package to your pubspec.yaml file:

  dogs_built: any
  built_value: any
  built_collection: any

After this, the library import containing your built_value classes must be annotated with @SerializableLibrary. Exported libraries are automatically considered. To restrict which types get included, you can use the include and exclude parameters, which take a list of regular expressions.

@SerializableLibrary(include: ["package:petstore_api/src/model/.*"])
import 'package:petstore_api/petstore_api.dart';

In your initialization code, you need to call initialiseDogs and installBuiltSerializers to register support for all built_value types as well as some internal converters exposed by built_value.

import 'dogs.g.dart';

Future main() async {
  await initialiseDogs();

Only one serializer can be installed at the same time