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Firestore Conversions

The firestore support package adds following conversions to make your life a bit easier:

Dart Type Firestore Type
DateTime Timestamp
Uint8List Blob

Those conversions override the default behaviour of the converter and are only applied when the converter is used in the firestore operation mode. This happens automatically when you use the the public api provided by the firestore support package and you don't have to worry about it.

Normally, dogs already supports those types

By default, dogs already has converters for DateTime and Uint8List that are used in the graph and native operation modes. Even though those could be used in the firestore operation mode as well, they are not used there, since the types they represent are supported by firestore natively.

Interop for Firestore Types

Of course, all firestore native types are also supported, though they only work in the firestore operation mode. To make them work outside of the firestore operation mode, you can use the installFirebaseInterop in your main method. This will install interop converts for all firestore native types, so that they can be used in the graph and native operation modes.

Those interop converters perform following conversions:

Firestore Type Dart Native Type Format
Timestamp String ISO8601
Blob String Base64
GeoPoint String "$lat, $lon"

Using those interop module allows you to perform json serialization on firestore native types

This means, that you can send the data easily via http requests or store them in preferences.