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To specify subcollections, you can use the 'subcollectionOf' argument of the @Collection annotation. This will make the collection a subcollection of the specified entity and can only be accessed through the parent entity.

class Town extends FirestoreEntity<Town> {

  String name;
  String country;



@Collection(subcollectionOf: Town)
class Person extends FirestoreEntity<Person> {
  String name;
  int age;

  Person(, this.age);

To insert a newly created entity into a subcollection, you can use the store method of the parent entity.

Inserting a subcollection entity
var town = Town("London", "UK");
var person = Person("John", 25);
await town.$store(person);

All subcollection related methods are prefixed with a '$' sign

They offer the same functionality as the static non-prefixed methods, but they are scoped to the parent entity. This currently includes: $get, $find, $query, $store

Additional Examples

Retrieving a subcollection entities
var town = await FirestoreEntity.get<Town>("town_id_here");
var persons = await town.$query<Person>();
Retrieving a subcollection entity by id
var town = await FirestoreEntity.get<Town>("town_id_here");
var person = await town.$get<Person>("person_id");